Dandelion Face Grains


Dandelion Face Grains

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A blend of delicate botanical exfoliants chosen for their unique anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Made with clays, resins, flowers and grains the star of this exfoliating powder, dandelion root is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent treatment for drawing toxins, soothing inflammation, eliminating blemishes, and brightening dark spots.

Simply mix with your chosen liquid (see below for suggestions).

Suggested combinations: 

  • Water, for a more astringent and detoxifying treatment. 

  • Whole milk (or cream) for a more nourishing, hydrating treatment. 

  • Plain yogurt for a cooling, calming treatment. 

  • Fruit juice (aloe, apple, grape, blueberry, etc.) for a brightening, slightly more exfoliating treatment. 

  • Warm herbal tea (chamomile works great) for a soothing treatment. - Add some raw honey to any of the above liquids for extra skin softening and healing action.

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